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These educational resources are intended for children to learn about the tragic events of 12th and 13th December 1866 at The Oaks Colliery, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. They may be differentiated, copied, and changed to suit educational needs. The objective of the resources is to develop an understanding of the worse loss of life in a English Coal Mine disaster.

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For further information and possible school visits contact Paul Darlow, Oaks Colliery Educational Resource, C/O, National Union of Mineworkers, 2 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley, S70 2LS or e-mail

Schools can also book a visit to the historic Miners Hall situated at the bottom of Victoria Road in Barnsley. The hall is an ideal place to visit to tie in with your coal mining topic, or serve as a focal point on the Oaks disaster and coal mining in general.

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The Oaks Colliery Disaster 1866 Fact Sheet 1

These pages give an narrative account of the Oaks Colliery Explosion starting on the 12th December 1866

Mining Terminolgy Fact Sheet 2

Some Mining Terminology

The Oaks Colliery Disaster Fact Sheet 3 Context

A narrative of the 1838 - 1866 period with reference to the Oaks Colliery, and Coal Mining in general.

Oaks Colliery Preliminary Worksheet

An Oaks Colliery worksheet which can be used as a lesson introduction.

Creative Writing Worksheet

Download a creative writing worksheet on the Oaks Disaster 1866.

The Oaks Colliery Banners Worksheet

A worksheet relating to banners

Banner template A3 Circle

Download an A3 size banner template with circle centre.

Banner template A3 Standard

Download an A3 size banner template with square centre.

Banner template A4 Circle

Download an A4 size banner template with circle centre.

Banner template A4 Standard

Download an A4 size banner template with square centre.

Oaks Colliery Wordsearch 1

An Oaks Colliery wordsearch

Oaks Colliery Wordsearch 2

An Oaks Colliery wordsearch (2)

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